AERIUM 2019:

Создавая «с нуля» Aerium C:68, мы заложили в его основу концепцию суперэффективного байка. Его главные преимущества – аэродинамика и максимальная скорость. Мы уделили особое внимание деталям, так для вашего комфорта разработана специальная система хранения и резервуар для питья. Все направлено на достижение главной цели – победой над временем.


Rider and bike become one

Working with former Ironman record-holder Andreas Raelert, our engineering team based all their modelling and real world testing on the concept of bike and rider as a complete package. We even created a virtual Raelert to use in our Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling.

We challenge the wind

That's when the hard work really began. We created hundreds of CFD iterations involving both 2D and 3D models of individual frame sections, right up to the complete bike and rider. Extensive wind tunnel and real world testing with data-logging then allowed our engineers to create an entirely new front end that's little short of astonishing. The slotted head tube is supremely efficient in a straight line, but it's also adept at coping with cross-winds without losing the bike's composure. That way, you can concentrate on getting the power down without worrying about being blown off course.

What you need, when you need it

We didn't stop there. Lowered seatstays reduce the frontal area even further, while optional storage and drinking compartments allow you to reach what you need mid-race without coming out of an aero tuck. Cables and electronic components are seamlessly integrated into the frame, but easily accessible when the need arises.

Competitive design

Our engineering team even developed completely new, integrated brake arms and levers to work with the frame's streamlining, and then enclosed the calipers in aerodynamic 2K injection mould housings. Wheel changes take just seconds, even in the heat of competition. And horizontal dropouts mean you can fine-tune tyre clearance while preserving that all-important torsional rigidity for efficient power transfer.

The perfect fit

But that's just half the package. The other half is you – which is why we paid so much attention to getting the perfect fit between bike and rider. There's a huge range of adjustability to put you in the perfect ride position, including a choice of two handlebars, hundreds of combinations of pad height, width and reach and, of course, saddle position.

Because you matter

Why all this obsessive attention to detail? Because it matters. When you've put in the hours and pushed your body to its limits, you deserve a bike that won't hold you back. This is that bike. It's ready. Are you?



Low/ High Base Bar – Options

These two handlebar options allow you to customise this racing machine to your own aero position.

Front Hydration und Storage Box System

Aerodynamic, perfectly integrated accessory that can be quickly attached and removed as needed thanks to its magnetic click system. The Front Hydration and Storage Box System is included with Aerium C:68 SLT and SL Series configuration options as well as with the frameset and fits perfectly onto the frame:

  • The BPA-free Hydration System has a capacity of 650 ml, is easy to fill and clean, and is hard to miss when you're riding in aero position.
  • The StorageBox, which has a padded bottom, gives you space where you need it: several energy bars or gels, or even a replacement tube and CO2 cartridge can be stored directly on the top tube.
The right power meter systems

The new Aerium C:68 SLT and SL Series model options are compatible with non-crank based power meter systems and the following crank-based power meters:

  • power2max
  • Quarq
  • Rotor 2inpower
  • SRM
Garmin on board

The magnetically fixed stem cover optimally integrates your Garmin bike computer into the bike's aerodynamic design, allowing you to constantly monitor your performance. The bike computer can be quickly and easily mounted, even if you are using the water bottle and storage box unit.

Rear Hydration

The seatpost-mountable PROFILE DESIGN RM10 has enough room for one to two additional water or tool storage bottles. (Not included)

Downtube Hydration

The frame's mounts are positioned so that aerodynamic water bottles can be carried in the optimal location.

  • Frame sizes S, M, L have two mounts
  • Frame size XS has one mount

Low- / High Base Bar - Options

These two handlebar options allow you to customise this racing machine to your own aero position.

The sleek high option (riser bar) is 420 mm wide and 40 mm high, making reductions in aerodynamic drag possible that would otherwise require spacers.

The low option (flat bar) is 400 mm wide and optimised for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.



Frame Size XS S M L
Stack [mm] 487 498 518 540
Armpad Stack min [mm] 583 594 614 636
Armpad Stack max [mm] 663 674 694 716
Armpad Stack max (with Hydration System) [mm] 633 644 664 686


Frame Size XS S M L
Stack [mm] 487 498 518 540
Armpad Stack min [mm] 543 554 574 596
Armpad Stack max [mm] 623 634 654 666
Armpad Stack max (with Hydration System) [mm] 593 604 624 636


Frame Size XS S M L
Reach [mm] 396 405 421 442
Armpad Reach min [mm] 427 436 452 473
Armpad Reach max [mm] 512 521 537 558


Frame Size XS S M L
Stack [mm] 487 498 518 540
Reach [mm] 396 405 421 442
Saddle Stack min [mm] 546 554 574 596
Saddle Stack max [mm] 763 771 791 813
Saddle Reach (highest position) [mm] 123 – 173 125 – 175 130 – 180 134 – 184
Saddle Reach (lowest position) [mm] 76 – 126 78 – 128 83 – 133 87 – 137
Model AERIUM C:68 SL / SLT
Frame Size XS S M L
Seat Tube [mm] 535 545 566 588
Top Tube (horizontal) [mm] 499 511 531 557
Seat Tube Angle [degree] 78 78 78 78
Seat Tube Angle [degree] 72 72 72 72
Chain Stays [mm] 395 395 395 395
Head Tube [mm] 74 85 106 129
Wheelbase [mm] 964 977 999 1028
BB-Height to Hub [mm] -78 -78 -78 -78
Standover Height [mm] 782 798 818 840
Reach [mm] 396 405 421 442
Stack [mm] 487 498 518 540
Armpad Stack (HIGH) [mm] 583 – 663 594 – 674 614 – 694 636 – 716
Armpad Stack (LOW) [mm] 543 – 623 554 – 634 574 – 654 596 – 666
Armpad Reach [mm] 427 – 512 436 – 521 452 – 537 473 – 558
Armpad Width [mm] 112 – 256,5 112 – 256,5 112 – 256,5 112 – 256,5
Extension Inclination [degree] 0 – 15 0 – 15 0 – 15 0 – 15
Handlebar Width (HIGH) [mm] 420 420 420 420
Handlebar Width (LOW) [mm] 400 400 400 400
Saddle Clamp Stack [mm] 546 – 763 554 – 771 574 – 791 596 – 813
Saddle Clamp Reach (Highest Position) [mm] 123 – 173 125 – 175 130 – 180 134 – 184
Saddle Clamp Reach (Lowest Position) [mm] 76 – 126 78 – 128 83 – 133 87 – 137
Recommended Body Height [cm] 155 – 165 165 – 175 175 – 185 185 – 220
Recommended Body Height (including overlap areas) [cm] 155 – 168 162 – 178 172 – 188 182 – 220
Minimal Inseam [cm] 70



Twin Head Tube

The Twin Head tube is not only a striking visual detail, but also an important building block in the overall aerodynamic concept of the new AERIUM C:68. At low inflow angles, the Twin Head tube acts like an aerodynamically optimally long profile, which leads to a reduction of the air resistance. At medium and high inflow angles, the flow field in the control tube area is so ideal that it significantly improves the sail effect with the simultaneous reduction of the side wind susceptibility. In short: Maximum aerodynamic performance paired with ideal handling.

Concept Front Hydration & Storage Box

Aerodynamics and ergonomics are key factors for a fast bike split. This is why our aerodynamic team has developed an integrated beverage and storage system, which allows for an optimal care even in the aerodynamic position.

C:68 Carbon Fiber Technology

CUBE’s highly innovative new C68 carbon fibre technology allows us to build better bikes than ever. Typically, carbon fibre frames are around 60% carbon fibre, with the rest being the resin that bonds the fibres together. By distributing carbon fibres evenly, we can make thinner layers within the frame and reduce the amount of resin. Those fibres are a mixture of Ultra High Modulus, High Modulus Spread Tow and Intermediate Modulus carbon, each chosen for the needs of the particular area of the frame. Nanoparticles within the resin itself allows it to be distributed more evenly when under pressure in the frame mould. The result is a range of frames with 68% carbon fibre – lower weight, higher stiffness, more fun.

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