The whole point of an e-bike is that it should make your life easier. To improve handling and practicality, we moved the battery to the rear of the triple chamber, exceptionally stiff seat tube. To ensure that the Bosch motor works at optimum efficiency, we mounted it in an extremely strong, gravity cast housing. In order to improve the integrated rack's stability and strength, we refined its design even further. By routing cables internally, we've reduced maintenance requirements to practically nothing. Our Comfort Ride Geometry ensures that you're always in control and comfortable, wherever your riding takes you. And of course, each CUBE frame passes our own rigorous in-house tests for strength and safety – so you can just ride.

Comfort Ride Geometry

As you might expect, our Comfort Ride Geometry delivers maximum comfort on two wheels. Not only did we carefully design the angles and dimensions for perfect compatibility, we also considered all relevant mounted parts during the development process and created the geometry around them.

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